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  • Buy cocaine in Germany
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    Buy cocaine in Germany

    The Legal Status of Cocaine in Germany

    Cocaine is one of several narcotics seen as banned substances under German law. Under § 29 BtMG (Gesetz über den Verkehr mit Betäubungsmitteln – German Narcotics Act) it is an offence to possess, acquire, traffic, import, distribute and advertise cocaine in Germany. All of these offences are punishable under German law. Furthermore, driving under the influence of cocaine can also lead to punishment depending on the case’s facts and the amount of cocaine used by the offender. Penalties for such a traffic incident can lead to the revocation of a person’s driving licence and criminal sanctions from imprisonment to fines. Our page on driving offences in Germany provides more information on the various sanctions for driving under the influence amongst other offences.

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  • Buy sex pills in Germany
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    Buy sex pills in Germany

     Buy sex pills in Germany  – Generally, ‘sex pills’ is the name people give to pills taken for sex-related problems. ‘Sex pills’ are generally medications that work and are prescribed and recommended by doctors, but there are also unlicensed herbal pills that are sold over-the-counter. These aren’t proven to work, and are also not  properly checked to make sure they’re safe.

    If you don’t have an actual sex-related problem and are just looking to improve your sex life, sex pills won’t be right for you.

    Before thinking about what pill to try for your sex life, it’s important to think about how you would like it to improve and what might be the best and safest way to make it happen. Often, you can see big improvements to your sex life by making changes to your lifestyle, getting counselling or therapy, or talking things through with your partner.

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