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Buy cocaine in Germany

The Legal Status of Cocaine in Germany

Cocaine is one of several narcotics seen as banned substances under German law. Under § 29 BtMG (Gesetz über den Verkehr mit Betäubungsmitteln – German Narcotics Act) it is an offence to possess, acquire, traffic, import, distribute and advertise cocaine in Germany. All of these offences are punishable under German law. Furthermore, driving under the influence of cocaine can also lead to punishment depending on the case’s facts and the amount of cocaine used by the offender. Penalties for such a traffic incident can lead to the revocation of a person’s driving licence and criminal sanctions from imprisonment to fines. Our page on driving offences in Germany provides more information on the various sanctions for driving under the influence amongst other offences.

Buy cocaine in Germany

Buy cocaine in Germany – Cocaine has had a long history in Germany as there have been cocaine offences in Germany for almost 100 years. Its presence is widespread and knowing the law relating to cocaine possession in Germany is vital. On this page, we will examine cocaine and its place in German law. We will outline what is considered cocaine offences, what is not considered cocaine offences, what factors can influence sentencing and also provide further information concerning this issue. If you require legal assistance from our expert German criminal defence lawyers, please do not hesitate to contact us directly..

As we will see the sanctions for narcotics can range significantly based on the circumstance of the case. The factors taken under consideration when it comes to determining the penalty include:

  • First-time offence: Is this a first-time offence or a repeat action?
  • Commercial sale: is the drug offence committed as part of a group commercially. This will be indicated by whether it is the person’s primary source of income, the amount of income arising from the sale and whether there is an organised distribution network in place.
  • The amount of cocaine involved in the offence.
  • Gang membership: if the offence has been carried out in the name of organised crime, it is also more likely the offender will face a heavy penalty.
    What are the Legal Penalties for Cocaine Offences in Germany?Buy cocaine in Germany

    As shown above, numerous factors play a role in determining the penalty for a cocaine offence. The sentencing permitted depends on the nature of the offence, and the range of sentencing is, of course, based on the circumstances involved in the case in question. Here are the sentences one can expect from the different cocaine offences:

    • Insignificant amounts: As stated earlier for offences such as the possession, acquisition, trading, importing, distributing and marketing of “insignificant amounts” (of 5 grams or under) one can face a prison sentence of up to five years or a fine under § 29 BtMG. However, the process can also be discontinued without sentencing, depending on the case’s facts under § 31a BtMG. This discontinuance is based on the case not being in the public’s interest and where their guilt is deemed to be minor. Consult with a legal professional for more information.
    • Not insignificant amounts: If a person is found liable for the following cocaine offences with “not insignificant amounts” can face a heavier sentence. These offences include where a person possesses, distributes or trades in not insignificant quantities of cocaine may be found liable to a prison sentence of one to 15 years under § 29a I BtMG. However, in less severe cases (where it is not related to gang activity, etc.), the accused’s sentence can be limited to between 3 months and 5 years under the same provision.
    • Import of significant amounts: the import of significant amounts of cocaine is deemed a serious offence. It is legislated for under § 30 BtMG and can lead to sentencing of up to 15 years. Should this action be committed as part of organised crime, the sentence is less likely to be lenient as § 30a BtMG states that the minimum sentence in such a case is 5 years imprisonment.
    • Supplying minors: If a person over the age of 21 is supplying minors with cocaine they can also face sentencing of up to 15 years imprisonment under § 29a BtMG


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