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Buy Crystal meth in Germany

Germany’s Crystal Meth Pandemic

In recent years, crystal meth use seems to have exploded in Germany, particularly along the Czech border. As researchers are discovering, the population of users is much more diverse than many people expect.

Buy Crystal meth in Germany

Buy Crystal meth in Germany – For three years, Patrick from Landshut and Pia from Munich snorted crystal methamphetamine, or crystal meth as it’s popularly known. You can smoke it or inject it. It’s a stimulant, like speed or ecstasy, but more powerful — and with even stronger side-effects.

Addiction-treatment experts and drug commissioners worry that meth speaks to a larger target group than sedatives like cannabis or heroin. Crystal meth is more than just a chemical party-starter for directionless young people in the country or a party drug for club-goers in the city. A wide range of people are being driven to meth addiction by a desire for efficiency.

But crystal not only works as a stimulant, it also drags people down. After the high, there’s a deep low. Already after half a year, Patrick’s ability to concentrate eroded. He couldn’t get out of bed in the mornings, the paranoia started, he abandoned the job.

His situation worsened when he switched from meth to so-called “legal highs.” He ordered a psychoactive drug on the Internet called Methylendioxypyrovaleron. In Germany it wasn’t considered a drug — just a chemical used for research purposes. It was half as expensive as meth and he could afford it on his unemployment pay.

After her pregnancy, she wanted to maintain her grip on things. That period, she says, was “crazy exhausting.” In the early mornings, she would have to make it through her training in a bakery, and in the late evenings, sing her whimpering child to sleep.Juhran talks about a meth-addicted married couple who sent their 11-year-old son to deal drugs. It took a long time for the social worker to realize what was happening: “The conditions are often so horrific. You don’t even want to see them.The pastry chef began cooking the meth herself. There’s a video online called “If you can bake cookies, you can make meth,” in which American addicts show viewers how to make meth using a Bunsen burner and cold medicine. Pretty soon she was cooking it for more than just herself, and could afford a 240-square-meter (2,600-square-foot) apartment above the rooftops of Passau.



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