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Buy morphine in Germany

Morphine is a strong opiate that is found naturally in opium, a dark brown resin in poppies (Papaver somniferum). It is mainly used as a pain medication, and is also commonly used recreationally, or to make other illicit opioids. There are numerous methods used to administer morphine: oral; sublingual; via inhalation; injection into a muscle; by injection under the skin; intravenously; injection into the space around the spinal cord; transdermal; or via rectal suppository. It acts directly on the central nervous system (CNS) to induce analgesia and alter perception and emotional response to pain. Physical and psychological dependence and tolerance may develop with repeated administration.

Buy morphine in Germany

Medicinal products are substances or preparations of substances which

  • are intended use in or on the bodies of humans or animals, and which are intended to be agents that heal or palliate or prevent human or animal diseases or pathological complaints (these are known as medicinal products by presentation, because they are seen as such by the consumer solely by reason of their presentation, for example, by their packaging or packaging leaflet), or
  • can be used in or on the bodies of humans or animals, or can be administered to humans or animals, in order to either
    1. restore, correct, or influence physiological functions through a pharmacological, an immunological, or a metabolic effect, or
    2. to make a medical diagnosis

    (known as medicinal products by function, which are medicines solely on the basis of their objective character, independently of their presentation).Buy morphine in Germany

Entering Germany

When entering Germany travellers may bring with them medicinal products in quantities that meet usual personal needs. In such cases the usual personal need of a traveller is seen as being equivalent to a maximum of three months’ supply of the recommended dose of each medicinal product, irrespective of whether the medicinal products were already taken out of Germany and are now being brought back, or whether the products have been purchased abroad. Neither is the authorisation or registration of the medicinal products in Germany of any relevance.Buy morphine in Germany
Buy morphine in Germany -In this connection you should be aware that products that are freely traded in your own country such as food supplements, vitamin preparations, or purely vegetable natural medicines, may be treated as medicinal products in Germany, and therefore fall within the scope of the Medicinal Products Act, particularly where they are presented as agents for the treatment of illnesses. The provisions of the medicinal products legislation of the country in which such preparation is being offered or sold are not of relevance here.

Medicinal products that are prohibited to travellers??

There are medicinal products, though, that may not be imported into Germany even though they are for a traveller’s personal needs.

They include

  • counterfeit medications, for example, an imitation of a medicinal product that has already been authorised but that does not originate from the genuine manufacturer, or
  • substances that are particularly harmful and frequently used for doping and are listed in the Annex to Section 6a of the Medicinal Products Act (for example: testosteron, nandrolon, clenbuterol), of which the possession for the purpose of doping in sports in “not small quantities” is already prohibited. What quantity of these substances shall be seen as “not small” follows from the Doping Substances (Quantities) Regulation (Dopingmittel-Mengen-Verordnung).

Other regulations that must be observed

Buy morphine in Germany

In addition, preparations containing certain vegetable or animal substances may also be subject to the provisions on the protection of species.Buy morphine in Germany


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