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Gidazepam, also known as hydazepam or hidazepam,is a drug which is an atypical benzodiazepine derivative, developed in the Soviet Union. It is a selectively anxiolytic benzodiazepine.It also has therapeutic value in the management of certain cardiovascular disorders. It can also be used for a treatment to giddiness. :
Gidazepam is a prodrug for its active metabolite 7-bromo-5-phenyl-1,2-dihydro-3H-1,4-benzodiazepine-2-one (desalkylgidazepam or bromo-nordazepam). It is used as an antianxiety drug. Its anxiolytic effects can take several hours to manifest after dosing however, as it is the active metabolite which primarily gives the anxiolytic effects, and Gidazepam’s half-life is among the longest of all GABA-ergic agonists.:
This product is intended for laboratory research purposes only and are not to be used for any other purposes
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