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Green Crack

Green Crack

Green Crack is a dominant Sativa strain which has THC content surpassing 20%. Also called Green Cush, or simply Cush, this strain is suitable for those who want to meditate in the morning. It also has energetic properties which make it perfect for gathering with friends.

Green Crack Experience

Green crack does not taste at all like crack. This strain is among the top sativa strains in the world. It offers energizing and uplifting effects, and it features a high THC content of about 15 and 21%. Users who consume this strain will become focused, creative, and have a good mood.

This strain was created decades ago with a different name. It was first called “Crush” or “Green Crush,” but afterward renamed as by the rapper Snoop Dogg. This strain has a high addictive potency and users will find it challenging to stay away from it.

Green crack is excellent for daytime use, and it’s as energetic as a strong cup of coffee. Although it can enhance focus, many people have acknowledged that it gives a spacey and cerebral experience. Recreational consumers can use this strain for a night out or social gatherings. It can also make you focus on some home chores including cleaning the house.

Green crack has the physical characteristics of an indica and a strong and buzzy of a sativa. It provides energy boost accompanied by a cerebral mindset, which makes it a good wake and bake strain. The potency of this strain makes users to carry out tasks such as dish watering and dry cleaning. Green Crack also offers minor psychedelic effects, such as visual distortions accompanied by a weird sense of time dilation. Since it makes users become uplifted and somewhat wired, users are not recommended to use this strain at night. Green crack also lacks sufficient medical properties making it not suitable for relaxation. But its energetic impacts are ideal for those seeking to free themselves from fatigue. Green Crack can also help people with anxiety and depression to live in the moment. However, users suffering from anxiety aren’t recommended to consume large doses of this strain because it can instead worsen the symptom.

Traits of Green Crack and Green Crack Seeds

Cannabis connoisseurs will get the smell of lemon and citrus accompanied by slight woody and earthy undertones when grinding this strain. Citrus smells are followed by more tropical flavors, such as sweet mango. During exhalation, users will detect Afghani lineage, with spicy flavors.

This strain also has an Indica variety, which is usually thought to have originated from Afghani. The indica variety of this strain can easily be spotted by looking for a shorter plant that produces a tighter bud structure. Indica varieties will also have a stronger body high and less cerebral effects.

Medical Benefits of Green Crack

Medical marijuana patients can enjoy the benefits offered by this strain. People with ADD/ADHD, chronic fatigue, depression, arthritis, and other chronic pain conditions can use this strain to gain relief. Patients can also use this strain during the daytime to increase appetite.


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