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Hindu Kush

The Hindu Kush cannabis strain derives its name from the long stretch of mountain range forming a natural border between Pakistan and Afghanistan- the area where it supposedly originated. One of the oldest marijuana strains which is still favoured by cannabis connoisseurs, taking a drag of a Hindu Kush joint is like smoking a piece of history. This pure indica landrace strain which has been consumed by men since hundreds of years can also be easily grown both outdoor as well as indoor.

Origin of the Hindu Kush cannabis strain:

As already mentioned above, this one is a pure indica strain which had its origin in the arid mountainous region of Afghanistan and Pakistan. As reported by Sensi Seeds, this weed strain in its non-feminized seed form has been maintained and bred entirely from its own unique gene pool which is possibly the reason behind its striking yield quality and consistent growth. It has been suggested that the genetic uniformity of the Hindu Kush makes it thrive easily both outdoors and indoors.

THC Composition

This one is a relatively pure marijuana strain which is definitely way more potent than its several crossbreeds that are available at your weed dispensary. The resin heavy buds of Hindu Kush are highly sedative the reason being its high THC composition. The THC content of this strain is somewhere between 15% to 20%.

Growing Hindu Kush

Indica plants are known to be short and stocky and the Hindu Kush marijuana strains rarely grow above 5 feet in length. This is why this strain is extremely popular among indoor growers who place the plants in a way which would allow its wide lateral branches to grow. Outdoor cultivation of Hindu Kush cannabis strain can be a bit troublesome mainly due to the native climate variability of this strain.

However, minor crossbreeding has stabilized a few varieties of this strain and therefore some phenotypes can thrive even outdoors. Growers generally trim the lower branches to make way for better air circulation. Indoor Hindu Kush strains usually bloom within seven to ten weeks whereas when grown outdoors they are generally harvested in late autumn. One of the reasons for its popularity among growers is its high resistance to molds, mildews, pests and diseases which makes it real easy to cultivate.

The buds of Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush marijuana strain is characterized by big, clustered dark green buds which stick together because of its exceptionally gluey consistency. However, some phenotypes of this strain come with purplish tinge which is mainly due to the presence of plant pigments which becomes active in cold temperature during its vegetative stage. The unique characteristic of this bud is its high proportion of resin content- this is precisely why the Hindu Kush is one of the earliest strains used for the production of hashish. The thick coat of silvery trichomes on the surface of the buds makes it look as good as it tastes.

Taste and aroma of the Hindu Kush marijuana strain

The aroma of Hindu Kush is rather complex – it comes with a musky yet sweet smell which is reminiscent of wet earth, pine, sandalwood and spice. This musky aroma increases with a few drags of the joint. The cough inducing smoke of Hindu Kush tastes slightly like pine. On the whole, this strain tastes more or less like a mishmash of herbs and incense.

The effects of Hindu Kush

If you are looking forward to a solid hit, then look no further than this indica strain. It also comes with a moderate proportion of CBD which gives you a body high. The 20% THC content of this strain is responsible for producing an amazing feeling of repose. The high of Hindu Kush is often described by experts as heavy and is known to have a couch locking effect. It generates a sense of euphoria which can be experience after just one or two drags. It gives you a positive vibe allowing you to enjoy your surroundings, and express your inner joy minus all those negative internal thoughts and mind loops.

This strain is very popular among creative users who are into writing, painting or music making. However, users should definitely steer clear of this strain if they have a busy and active day ahead. Also, it is one of those strains which will considerably trigger your appetite so make sure to stock up on munchies before you hit. The Hindu Kush cannabis strain is perfect for night time smokers who like to enjoy a mind and body buzz before curling up on the bed.


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