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Ritalin 40mg

It seems that due to increased study pressure and the associated financial consequences, many students are more likely to take concentration- and focus-enhancing drugs. Normally these kinds of drugs are prescribed by doctors for conditions such as ADHD and ADD. Ritalin for example is a very popular drug among students.

Feelings of mental pressure encourage the use of so-called ‘study doping’, stimulants to cope with high expectations and study pressure.’

Experts expect that the use of such substances will only increase in the future. Several educational institutions and experts point to a growing trend and fear a future in which studying with a pill becomes normal. The Department of Education stated. ‘The fact that medicines these are used for the wrong reasons could have serious health-damaging effects on their young bodies.’ This concerns palpitations, sleeping problems, mood swings, or panic attacks. Years of use can even lead to burnout because the user is always ‘on’, resulting in the body getting too little recovery and rest.


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